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welcome to my place!

My name is Magdalena Kubik. I come from Poland and I am a dynamic women taking up some new challenges, to which I’m trying to deal with ambition and professionalism.

From the past.

I spent about 10 years of my life working for corporations. I was an accountant in large and multinational companies such as Philips, 3M, Bayer, Young and Rubicam, Metro Group. I was also working at KPMG’s tax advisory department and SDI Media’s HR department.

I’m still learning.

I’m a master in finance and accountancy and I have finished postgraduate study concerning European and Polish corporate law. From 2008 year I have been practicing science. During incomplete doctoral study at Warsaw School of Economics I found professor Richard Dawkins’ ideas implemented into economy and I had also recommended “The Selfish Gene” book to be inspired by. At that time I also read “The God Delusion” and “The Devil’s Chaplain” when I was working on the economical model connecting macro and micro economy. After I left SGH, the basis of this model I made in 2011 year, as a model explaining the role of symmetry in an asymmetric system, I have consulted with professor Marek Kuś from The Polish Academy of Science who encouraged me to learn more about physics. I have decided to start studying physics at the Warsaw University and give economy totally up. The concept of the model was stolen by Leszek Czarnecki -the polish banker – and the plagiarism of my article titled “Role of symmetry in an asymmetric system” occurred in his book. I’m so thankful to professor Marek Kuś for the time he took for the conversation with me contrary to professor Andrzej Nowak from Florida Atlantic University who didn’t reply even to my email.

Its all not only about the Economy that all Systems not only of the Contemporary States but all that have been ever created are different in the area the System affects needs of human nature. Until the system, that satifies all of the needs of human nature is created, none of them will be the best. In the case of deviation it must be defined, that in the perfect System, the best way to its satisfaction is its treatment.

I have completed 6 Week Plan For Healthy Eating Course, Harvard Medical School.


For the first time.

In March 2015 my first, peer reviewed, scientific article was published by David Publishing Company, American – Chinese publisher supported by The Library of Congress, in Journal of Mathematics and System Science, after about one year from the time I received professor Richard Dawkins’ permission for the publication of this article marked that I can take what I need but professor Richard Dawkins doesn’t feel qualified to judge what I have created. Thank you so much professor Richard Dawkins.

In the future.

As in the past, in the future I will be still focused on discovering of nothing more than a reality and I will share all of my discoveries here. I have such a philosophy, I go by, that there is nothing more than a reality we are able to discover.

Since I found that infinity of the value of pi number has its limit I have been working on mathematical tool that enable my calculation to be possible to done and next I will want to try to make the model of the Universe based on the mechanisms of light.

I would like to start with the presentation of my own point of viue focused on the idea of  infinity by the publication of my article concerning this area in 2022 year. In this article I will also discusse the infinity of pi number as the range of its value between 3 and 3 rounded to the third decimal place.

One of my most interesting thoughts was writen May 2, 2015 on Facbook directed to profesor Frank Wilczek: “Professor Frank Wilczek, I have readen in Wikipedia that the time dilation related to the speed (kinetic) “means that if someone is watching a rocket flying at nearly the speed of light, the events inside the rocket are slow (to an observer from Earth) – Time passes slowly inside the rocket. The person winging rocket would have made the same observation looking at the observer on Earth.” What is the impact of the time dilation observing the situation on Earth and rocket at the same time? Sorry if I’m too much curious.” and 2 comments: 

First comment: “When e.g I look at the house with a real height of 7m from a distance of 1 km I see a house with a height of 0.5 cm and my neighbor sees my house in the same proportion but that does not mean that the real size of our houses has decreased. This is something like unuseful illusion for me and my neighbor that we see houses of our neighbor with a height of 0,5 cm. Of course it is better to see less then nothing but is this not similar to time dilation?” 

The secound comment: “In my opinion, at speeds close to the speed of light there is no perceptible movement because of the almost lack of mass and therefore the displacement occurs only in time as the displacement in time of the stationary material point. I do not know what’s going on in the interval 0 < speed <299,792,458 meters per second of speed but in my opinion, journey through space does not affect the speed of time (to extend the time we need in one hour more then 60 places for minutes. There is no other way to lengthen or shorten the time and this is why speed of time is constant for me everywhere). The cause of the illusion of time dilation in my opinion can be some relation between motion and mass which can act for example as mirage.”

The third comment to my thought dated May 2, 2015 came to my mind recently as I came back to this thought due to the totaly different reason but I deducted on the basis of the conctent of my thought and its comments that if particle moving at the speed of light stands still the particle accelerating to the speed of light slows down and this is exactly what’s going on in the interval 0 < speed <299 792 458 meters per second of speed.

The fourth comment to my thought dated May 2, 2015 is that the thought contains grammar mistakes but, anyway, I’m very, very happy after 5 years of waiting I found the answer to my question Myself .


Recently my main activity is focused on my company’s, PINTOR Magdalena Kubik, development. I creat some arts, products, prepare my company for the cooperation with business partners, look for and win clients, etc. More information you can find at this website. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact PINTOR Magdalena Kubik company.

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I kindly invite everyone to become my company’s client as well as my scientific contribution’s reader.

Yours sincerely,

Magdalena Kubik

List of scientific publications by Magdalena Kubik:

  1. Magdalena Kubik (2015). Role of symmetry in an asymmetric system, USA, David Publishing Company, Journal of Mathematics and System Science (ISSN 2159-5291, USA). Read article Role of symmetry in an asymmetric system via database of Chongqing VIP Information Co., Ltd. Download article: Role of symmetry in an asymmetric system. in PDF file.